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Applies the power of your genetics to address all your modern health concerns.  A functional approach means treating the root cause, not just managing symptoms!  This information can be applied immediately in your life.  Enjoy the latest research on nutrients, lifestyle and medicine.  We’ll cover key topics including hormones, skin health and digestion. Whether you are struggling with mood, pain, hormonal shifts or ongoing gut issues this is a great starting place.  Learn how to supplement safely, improve your energy and feel great! 


Discover a simple and relaxed approach to an anti-inflammatory diet.  Inflammation is at the root of all modern disease and we know these diseases did not exist for the vast majority of human history.  Ancestral nutrition focuses on nutrient density.  It is founded in how human’s digestive systems evolved and support the idea that we can what we need from a varied and delicious array of foods.

Heart Health

Learn which markers to ask for from your doctor to get a complete picture of cardiovascular health.  Understand why certain fatty acids are as effective as pharmaceuticals when it comes to managing heart health.  In a time when cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death discover what you can do preventatively for yourself and your family.  

Optimize Your Brain

At any age our brain can change remarkably.  Despite the daunting statistics on the rise of depression we are also learning how adaptable our brains are. Certain enzymes convert better in some people and those with the right nutrient status are more likely to thrive.  What this is getting at is that there are variables we are in control of despite genetic trends.  

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