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Feeling Dismissed When it Comes to Your Hormones?

When it comes to their hormone health, visiting a doctor is the last thing many women want to do.  Why is this?  Writer Maya Dusenbery explains why in her new book called "Doing Harm".  I came across her work recently.  I want to highlight a few points. Her research...

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Your Gall Bladder & Gut Health

Cholecystectomy is the removal of the gallbladder.  In the later stages surgery is necessary but I'll talk about how to avoid this and why.  A few years ago my dad had symptoms of a serious gall bladder attack.  I urged him to call the ambulance immediately.  I know...

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Do you have Candida? Or is it SIFO?

What's the Difference? Symptoms like chronic yeast infections, brain fog and sugar cravings can indicate dysbiosis or an imbalance in the gut microbiome. About 20 years ago candida albicans began receiving a lot of attention. Some said to cause a long list of...

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Functional Medicine is Individualized and Patient-Centered.

Investigate to find the root cause.  Create a long-term preventative plan for optimal health.

 Thorough lab work along with the right diet and lifestyle changes means results. 

Reach your goals.  Restore your vitality.  Start feeling better today!

Evidence-Based, Natural Medicine Just Makes Sense

This is medicine for the 21st century.


Reconnect with your body.

Align with your genetic memory to restore vitality.


Committed to optimizing your health

About Amber

I am passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based and effective. Helping you restore vitality is my goal.   Learning to manage stress, eat well and rest deeply are crucial.  Overdoing it, combined with the wrong diet has long term health consequences. I discovered this the hard way.  At a young age I developed joint and gut pain. Like many, this was chronic and didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t handle stress and my energy diminished.  With chronic brain fog and hormonal imbalances developing, I never felt at my best. 

Luckily I met my doctor and began making changes gradually. Since recovering I have dedicated my life to helping others with digestive distress, autoimmunity and hormone imbalance. Taking a holistic approach allowed me to recover without medication or surgery.


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