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15 Sleep Solutions You Can Do

Sleep is a big deal   Especially when two-thirds of adults don't get the minimum required to meet basic physiological requirements.  In fact, less than 7 hours per night can shorten lifespan significantly.  Inflammation increases when we miss a night of good sleep....

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Get Your Appetite Back on Track

What makes us hungry? The neuroregulation of appetite is getting a lot of press these days.  The epidemic of diabetes grows and even young people are suffering the effects of obesity.  Researchers are hell-bent on finding solutions.  Our bodies have a...

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Treating PCOS Effectively: What is the Real Cause?

What is PCOS and why should you care? Polycystic ovarian syndrome affects 10% of North American women in their child-bearing years. It’s the leading cause of infertility and is on the rise. Syndromes are a group of symptoms that conventional medicine groups...

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About Amber

I am passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based and effective. Helping you restore vitality is my goal.   Learning to manage stress, eat well and rest deeply are crucial.  Overdoing it, combined with the wrong diet has long term health consequences. I discovered this the hard way.  At a young age I developed joint pain, hormones and gut issues. Like many people, my gut pain was chronic and didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t handle stress and my energy diminished.  With chronic brain fog and digestive pain I never felt at my best. 

Luckily I met my doctor an began making changes gradually. Since recovering I have dedicated my life to helping others with digestive distress, autoimmunity and hormone imbalance. Taking a holistic approach allowed me to recover without medication or surgery. I use functional lab testing, botanicals and individualized care. Functional Medicine a system rooted in evidence-based research that is up-to-date. When I was sick I knew a different approach was needed if I was going to get my life back.  I’m glad to be part of a growing system of medicine that is not just about symptoms management.  This is a deeper level of healthcare. Welcome!

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