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What you need to know about Estrogen Detoxification

Symptoms like breast tenderness, heavy or clotted cycles and fibroids are linked with excess estrogen in the body.  In men, this can look like weight gain, erectile dysfunction, breast development or moodiness.So where does your estrogen go once your body is done...

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Orgasms for Health & Humanity

Women's Health, Human Rights & Orgasms Years ago a patient asked me, in a sincere way, how she could have more orgasms.  At the time, I worked in a busy community clinic.  I didn't have time to answer her question but it stayed with me. Yesterday a patient told me...

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Glycine or Collagen?

Glycine is the Amino Acid that Gives Without knowing it, glycine is helping your body every day with muscle repair, cognitive function, metabolic health, and immunity. This amino acid assists in breaking down glycogen, fat and other nutrients to be used as energy at...

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Functional Medicine is Individualized and Patient-Centered.

Investigate to find the root cause.  Create a long-term preventative plan for optimal health.

 Thorough lab work along with the right diet and lifestyle changes means results. 

Reach your goals.  Restore your vitality.  Start feeling better today!

Evidence-Based, Natural Medicine.  It Just Makes Sense.

This is medicine for the 21st century.


Reconnect with your body.

Align with your genetic memory to restore vitality.


Committed to optimizing your health

About Amber

I am passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based & effective. Helping you restore vitality is my goal.   Learning to manage stress, eat well & rest deeply are crucial.  Overdoing it, combined with the wrong diet has real consequences. I discovered the hard way.  At a young age I developed joint pain & gut issues. Like many, this was chronic & didn’t make sense.  I couldn’t handle stress.  My energy diminished. With chronic brain fog & hormonal imbalances developing, I never felt at my best. 

Luckily I met my doctor & began making changes gradually. Once I got my health back, I dedicated my life to helping others with digestive distress, autoimmune issues & hormonal imbalance. Taking a holistic approach allowed me to recover without unnecessary medication or surgery.  These interventions can be life-saving but with many chronic health conditions there is another way that is more empowering & effective.


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