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Amber Wood, R.Ac

Functional & Evolutionary Medicine

I am truly grateful to have Amber as my Functional Medicine practitioner – she is passionate about her work and deeply committed to my healing journey. It can be incredibly overwhelming to navigate the different things happening in my body, particularly when allopathic medicine simply wants to give me pharmaceuticals. Amber has helped me look at the many facets of what I am dealing with, and has helped me to understand the connections between them in a way that is accessible, and gives me hope that my body will heal.

Anastasia Hangmanole


“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”

Maya Angelou on resiliency

Rest, Manage Stress & Do What You Love

I’m passionate about medicine that is natural, evidence-based & effective. Helping you restore vitality is my goal.  When I became a mother I decided it was much like being an extreme, endurance athlete.  Learning to manage stress, eat well & rest enough are crucial.  Overdoing it combined with the wrong diet can equal serious health consequences.  I already learned this. Prior to studying medicine, I trained as dancer & traveled.   This led to problems with my joints, hormones & energy at a young age.  Like many people, I suffered from gut issues that didn’t make sense. It affected me in strange ways.  My immune system and ability to handle stress diminished.  I ended up with infections from travel that wouldn’t heal.  With chronic brain fog & digestive pain I never felt at my best.  

Autoimmunity, Gut Health & an Ancestral Diet

Then I discovered the doctor I later studied with.  I was on the way to developing an autoimmune disease when he advised me to adopt an ancestral diet. That was in 2003.  This approach has since become known as the Paleo-type diet & lifestyle.   It has helped hundreds of thousands recover their health and live well.  This is not a fad but a system rooted in our genetics.  It allows us to adapt to the overwhelming stress and distraction of today’s world by applying the principles of evolutionary biology and genetics.

Blood Sugar, Brain Health & Genetics

Using evolutionary medicine I discovered how to heal my gut, manage stress & restore vitality.  When gut health is compromised so are neurotransmitters, nutrient absorption and blood sugar.  People can have trouble maintaining a healthy weight and hormone issues develop.  Evolutionary medicine has answers to all these problems. It provides a simple approach that address complex situations at their root.  Each patient is unique & requires an individualized treatment plan.  My patients are engaged in their health.  Once the right information is available, it’s easy.  This is why I love patient education. 

Informed, Preventative & Cost-Effective

If you’ve ever felt at a loss with conventional medicine or anxious that something has been missed then welcome.  We apply evidence-based research & use the best, innovative lab testing to discover the underlying cause of your symptoms. I offer classes & written resources to support your journey. My goal is that you are as informed as possible so you can make the best decisions for you & your loved ones.  I want you to apply this knowledge with your family & community.  Our healthcare system needs a preventative & cost-effective approach. The epidemic of chronic inflammatory disease is not how humans have evolved to live.  Aligning with our genetics means we engage the hard-wired physiology that has allowed us to live well & thrive.

Trust Your Body 

I work with people who are fed up with being in pain, having low energy & not sleeping well. If you want to trust your body, feel at home in your skin & live a full, vital life then work with me. The best medicine catches & prevents disease before it is full blown. It is thorough, empowering & treats the root cause. This is how I’ve been trained in & how I have helped hundreds of people.  

I use functional lab testing, botanicals and individualized treatment plans.  Functional medicine is rooted in evidenced-based that is up-to-date.  When I was sick I knew a different approach was needed if I was going to get my life back.  I’m excited to be part of a growing movement that is not about disease management.  This is a deeper level of healthcare.  Welcome!

After several years of working to heal from an auto immune disorder triggered by traumatic dental work, I consulted with Amber. We did some comprehensive testing and the results were surprising and showed I am healthier than I expected in some areas. Our plan is to address some other underlying causes which she sees as key to my overall health. We both see meditation practice is an important part of the process.

Hilary Mackey

Registered Clinical Counsellor

I started working with Amber in December 2016. I was experiencing intense pain in my gut. With Amber’s support, I learned that I had Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth. Through her compassion and thorough understanding of how diet, emotional balance, meditation and herbs work together, I have been able to alleviate my symptoms. I am so grateful.


Ahava Shira


My Story

I began studying Functional Medicine and Acupuncture in 2003 after my own health crisis.  I returned from Asia with more pathogens in my gut than the lab tech had ever seen.  After having a ‘gut’ or intuitive response to conventional medicine’s approach to gastro-intestinal distress, I decided to change my life and move to Nelson, BC.  This small mountain town is where I met my doctor and teacher.  The first changes I made were adding more protein, healthy fats and salt to my diet. Secondly I began eating more vegetables and meditating.

Having been a vegetarian throughout my teens and early twenties weakened my constitution.  I was training six days per week as a dancer and this, combined with the wrong diet for my activity level, made me an excellent host for opportunistic, pathogenic bacteria.  I quit dancing and traveled.  Climbing mountains, eating vegetarian and drinking treated water led to further gut distress, infection and severe fatigue.

As my understanding grew and my strength returned I committed to a year long barefoot doctor training.  I wanted to help others with similar gastro-intestinal distress. After working in community healthcare and education for years I decided to return to school and became a licensed practitioner. I’ve treated hundreds of patients over the past six years  and now work with people around the globe.  I’m dedicated to ongoing study, research. and sharing what I learn with you.

Ongoing Education

Advanced Diagnostics And Personalized Treatment       ADAPT Trained Clinician & Healthcare Professional   The Kresser Institute Functional & Evolutionary Medicine, Berkeley, CA http://www.kresserinstitute.com 

Registered Acupuncturist. Licences with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BC, Canada                      Graduated with high honours, Pacific Rim College. Victoria, BC http://www.pacificrimcollege.com

Somatic meditation. Ten years of training, retreat & ongoing mentorship with Dr. Reginald Ray. Dharma Ocean Foundation, Boulder & Crestone, CO, USA  http://www.dharmaocean.org

Somatic Psychotherapy Training, Vancouver, BC, Canada  http://www.vancouverhakomi.ca

Transformative Education Intensive Training, USA & Canada  http://www.partnersforyouth.org/training/creative-facilitation/?section=at

NeuroSomatic Therapy Institute, Nelson, BC                    Dr. Mike Smith, DTCM.  Functional & Evolutionary Medicine http://integrativehealthsolutions.ca

Residential Training in Somatic Movement, Martial arts & Performance.  http://www.bodyresearch.org

Undergraduate studies at UVIC in Victoria, BC.

Undergraduate studies, York University in Toronto, ON. 

Professionally trained dancer and martial artist.

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