What is your baseline?

by Amber Wood | April 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

Baseline is a term I learned doing wilderness immersion work.  Its defined as a minimum or starting point to use for comparisons.  For me it invokes an image of being connected with our surroundings, taking only what is needed and observing with all our senses. By simplifying our diet and lifestyle we press a deep reset button that is coded into our DNA. We learn what  and what is hurtful.   Energy is freed up and we may feel more alive.  Our sense of self widens and we have more confidence.

Individualized Medicine:  What your constitution needs right now.

Choose a time to set your new baseline.  Each person has specific needs but there are some general guidelines that are very helpful to follow.

BASELINE is the name of a 30-day reset for health that guides you through:

  • what to add and remove from your diet to give your body a deep recovery
  • what lifestyle habits are most helpful to cultivate so you can enjoy life and thrive
  • creating a support team around you and in your kitchen so this becomes a way of being
  • deciding what supplements are most helpful right now
  • doing lab work to inform yourself of what may be limiting you
  • making goals for the future of your health that are lasting and reliable

The importance of saying ‘No’

The five element theory relates the renewal of spring with our liver.  Have you ever felt ‘livery’ or agitated?  This is the feeling of needing to move and grow just like all the little sprouts coming up at this time of year.  Imagine a bear waking from its hibernation.  She may be a little grumpy and ready to get on with things.  The movement of spring and the liver are also related with youth and wanting to stand up for what is right.

Are you connected with your sense of being able to say ‘no’ to something in order to live for a greater good?  Are you able to do this with yourself in terms of limiting foods and habits that you know limit you from feeling well.  Baseline is an opportunity to explore your relationship with these and make positive changes.

Focusing on the ‘Yes’

We begin by focusing on what to do.  Learning new skills and habits is incredibly rewarding.  Please do send me any questions and I look forward to working together!


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