Weight Lifting Liberation

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Weight lifting Takes Commitment

Some of us have a choice to do it. Others have been holding up very heavy weights that hurt them since before they were born. If we can do our own reps, learn what we have been oblivious to and keep taking the weight off those who have be silenced for decades, then the world will breathe a sigh of relief. Each step means we get to celebrate together

“Our freedom is sweet. It will be sweeter when we are all free.” bell hooks

A New Way to Treat Heavy Cycles

I’m not sold on this one at all. Let me explain why. A new drug to treat heavy cycles caused by fibroids was recently approved.  It’s similar to the birth control pill but stronger.  The side effects include increased risk of heart disease and stroke.  The number one killer of women is heart disease. What the heck!  We can do better especially for those holding the heavy weights.

Chronic stress leads to inflammation and heart disease. Research shows that Black and Indigenous of people of colour (BIPOC) are more affected.  The reasons why are in the front of our minds right now.  Coronavirus has exposed the systemic inequalities that exist and impact a disproportionate number on African American communities.  Blacks represent 13% of the population but make almost a third of COVID cases according to the CDC. 

Social Determinants of Health 

These are the primary driver of this imbalance. African Americans are more likely to live in poverty, to have limited access to healthcare, to live in stressful conditions and, because of this, have pre-existing conditions like hypertension and diabetes that increase the severity of COVID-19. Back to women’s health and treatment for fibroids in particular.  Boswellia or frankincense at 300 mg, 3 x’s per day can make periods lighter and shorter.  Women report a better quality of life during their cycle when taking this anti-inflammatory herb.  My mission is to get information like this out to the women who need it most.

Human Rights or Just For The Haves?

Access to clean air and water, healthy food and limiting exposure to environmental toxins are human rights.  Unfortunately they have become privileges because of how our system is set up.  Socioeconomic status, education, physical environment and race are the real factors defining health.  Here’s why:

* Wealthy neighborhoods have 3/4 times as many grocery stores than poor areas. Access to nutrition in food deserts is difficult.
* People living in poor neighborhoods are exposed to hazardous air particles.
* Children of parents who weren’t able to finish high school have less access to sidewalks, playgrounds and are more likely to be obese than those born to educated parents.
* People of colour are likely to experience racial bias within the medical system and therefore can’t access appropriate treatment.
* Chronic high stress caused by discrimination, lack of social support, and poverty has negative health consequences not only across an individual lifespan, but also across generations

Ten Creative Ways To Dismantle Racism

There is a moment when you are in the dentist’s chair. You know you have to stay put despite it being uncomfortable but you also know it won’t last forever. Something good happens. In this case something really good. So learn to stay put.

1. Talk about the difference between intent & impact.  We don’t intend to be racist as white people but we are because the impact of our actions easily has the effect of perpetuating the system that was built to be racist.

2. Don’t tell oppressed people how to express their experience.  “Tone policing” is a thing.  It’s not about making it nice.  Be effective when talking with other white people about race by using an emphatic tone.

3. Tell stories of your privilege.  How have you benefited from the system?  How has it protected you?  We learn by teaching so reflect to deepen your understanding of how privilege operates. 

4. We are going to get this wrong so share where you did.  This vulnerability opens the floor for others to make mistakes by giving anti-racism a go.  Explain specific times you messed up and why it was wrong.

5. Open the floor for questions and research topics together with your loved ones.  Why is it to focus on the violence whites inflict on blacks?  What is internalized racism and how does it show up?

6. Read a book.  Or share a podcast.  “Seeing White” by Scene for example.  Work up to a book club where you can discuss the issues with a group over time. 

7. Ask why with your family, “Why do black people get put in jail for weed more than white people”.  Research the question until you end up at racism for the correct answer.

8. Plant seeds of doubt.  Unlearning racist systems flips the world on its head.  Start small, one topic at a time.  Bring up black hair, cultural appropriation of indigenous culture, Canada day or jail.  If a light bulb goes on then it’s success.

9. Commit that you can change someone’s mind.  Yours has so someone else’s can.  We can’t give up hope when there is possibility to create change.

10. Have courage. Things may look dark but there is tremendous opportunity to take some of the weight off those BIPOC folks who have be carrying far too much for far too long. Let’s stay with it because liberation does result.

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