Orgasms for Health & Humanity

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Women’s Health, Human Rights & Orgasms

Years ago a patient asked me, in a sincere way, how she could have more orgasms.  At the time, I worked in a busy community clinic.  I didn’t have time to answer her question but it stayed with me.

Yesterday a patient told me her antidepressant caused her libido to disappear.  Switching to a keto diet helped bump it back up.  She is also ready to taper off her medication with the right support.  She began the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) when housing for herself and her child was impossible to find.  Her labs showed how this medication had a major impact on cortisol and testoterone.

Stable housing is a basic human right and she now has this covered.  With the current housing crisis, there are many whose health is compromised.  Women, people of colour, elders and children are vulnerable.

Birth Control, Bone Health & Antidepressants

Many women are asking me about alternatives to hormonal birth control.  This is because they are simply not happy with the side effects of taking synthetic hormones.  One of my colleagues spoke about the birth control pill recently calling it a gateway drug to antidepressants.

Another colleague shared her experience of seeing a specialist who said, “If you don’t take birth control, you will be in a nursing home because of osteoporosis.”  Using birth control to prevent osteoporosis, or any other health condition for that matter, is problematic. It’s a band-aid.

Within two years of changing her diet and lifestyle, this woman reversed her osteopenia.  She focused on strength training, K2 and other interventions like meditation for stress management.  I have seen these changes work.  These women have a much higher quality of life.

Transgendered Happiness

Synthetic hormones are necessary at times but over-medication all too common.  This past weekend I bumped into an old friend.  He looked happier than I had ever seen him.  When i asked what changed, he said he had stopped his psychiatric medications with the help of a progressive psychiatrist.  This doctor suggested using micro doses of psilocyin or ‘magic’ mushrooms to replace his antidepressants.  Along with this therapy, this trans friend went grain-free and ended up feeling much more like himself than he had in years.

What I noticed is he had energy to play with the kids which was beautiful.  He was more connected with his long time partner & able to talk about his experience of being trans openly with my son when asked.  He noted the non-judgemental quality that children naturally have.  Curiousity that is refreshing and healing.  My son often gets mistaken for a girl because he grows his hair long.  So he understood. Also,  transgender came up and was discussed in his grade one class.

It was incredible to listen to my friend’s story.  He felt his personality was lost with the drugs.  Seeing how he reclaimed his life is remarkable.  He will continue hormonal therapy but the overall reduction in medication has freed up a lot of health and wellness.

What are Orgasms good for?

It turns out that orgasms support immune health and help people recover from autoimmune flares.  They release oxytocin which is the number one bonding hormone.  This keeps us connected and strong in our close relationships.  Oxytocin lowers cortisol, connects us with our intuitive or gut feeling and keeps us vibrant.  Female orgasms in particular are a key factor why humans have survived through the ages.  It is the strength of our communities or tribes that allowed us to survive.  Women have always been at the center of these.  Oxytocin increases significantly with child birth and breast feeding.  Hugs also stimulate oxytocin release.  Father’s experience increased oxytocin from connecting too.

Did you know that an astonishing 43% of women today report sexual dysfunction?  This includes an inability to enjoy sexual arousal or orgasm.  Yikes!  Why is this?  A German study concluded that “women using contraception, especially hormonal contraception, had lower sexual functioning scores.”  Stress and relationship were other variables that factored in.  In short, regular orgasms can help you live longer, sleep better, reduce autoimmunity, headaches and PMS.  Another study that used MRI’s to see if there was a difference between orgasm from self-stimulation or partner stimulation saw no difference.

How to have more orgasms?

Heal your gut!  Your gut produces neurotransmitters when its healthy.  Oral birth control, pain killers and other medication wreak havoc on the lining of your gut.  This inhibits production of these smart vehicles that determine much of our behaviour and mood.

Kick Hormonal Birth Control can mess with how you connect with your own body and your partner.  Pill bleeds are not menstrual cycles.  You do not get the orchestra of hormonal changes and you gut health is paying the price.  Both antidepressants, like SSRI’s, and oral contraceptives lower testosterone and therefore libido can be impaired. Instead, get to know your cycle using technologies available.

Stabilize blood sugar.  Ask your doctor for a hemoglobin A1C as it is the most accurate marker of blood sugar.  You want this marker to be 5.0 or lower.  Get a glucometer and track your blood sugar before and after meals.  Get to know how you respond to different foods.  This is important because blood sugar has a huge downstream effect on hormones and mood.

Meditate, enjoy your food and move your body.  Stress management is as important as diet.  Cortisol, our main stress hormone, works with insulin.  Meditation is the best way to regulate both.  And its free!  Tapping into the parasympathetic nervous system allows us to connect more easily.  Strength training is an excellent way to support hormonal health, stimulate appetite and calm yourself.

Seek pleasure: the 3 C’s.  Notice what you enjoy and do more of this.  Experiment with all forms of pleasure including food, masturbation, social connection, dancing and anything else that floats your boat.  We can entrain ourselves to enjoy life more by being curious and connected.  And always remember the clitoris!  Curious, connected, clitoris.  C isn’t just for cookie!

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