Immune Support You Can Do Now: Start With Vitamin D

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For When Physical Distancing is Done

Our immune systems are incredibly smart. They are much more intelligent than any technology we have. So here’s what am I recommending people do at home during social, or as I prefer to say, physical distancing. Social contact has a powerful, positive impact on all health outcomes. Please stay connected! That’s number one. I’ve been leading a group of twenty people through a health reset this month. You can do this from home. Here are a few other ways you can engage the innate superpowers of your immune system to thrive in the coming months and years. When physical distancing is lifted we’ll need to be ready and resilient.

Get Outside: Sunlight for Vitamin D

Vitamin D levels are low for most of us by the end of winter. My favourite supplement for immune health throughout the winter is cod liver oil. This is because it supports vitamin D & A levels like nothing else. This is a synergistic way to get these two fat soluable vitamins safely and in a bioavailable way. It is a food source of these nutrients that you can’t find elsewhere unless you eat liver every week. It nourishes your skin, your eyes and your liver. Until the sun is high in the sky for more hours of the day and we have the chance to enjoy it, our vitamin D levels are likely not what they need to be for adequate immunity.

Quercetin is a Rockstar Right Now

There’s a reason this is sold out everywhere. It promotes viral eradication or inhibits viral replication. Research also shows that is modulates viral induced pathological cellular processes. It does this by reducing NLRP3 inflammasome activation. It also stabilizes mast cells. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in onions, apples, black tea, and grapefruit. The activated form is more potent. Please note that if you are on medications then don’t supplement with quercetin before talking with your healthcare provider.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Yes vitamin C wins! It is a potent immune support and safe for everyone. My favourite food sources are red pepper, citrus (especially lemons/limes) and berries. The liposomal form bonds easily with cell membranes making intracellular delivery easier. This enhances delivery, bioavailability and absorption. This has been sold out everywhere as well which makes me happy. People are taking care at home and strengthening themselves. Prevention is everything. I’ll have some in stock later this month if you need some.

Glutathione & NAC

I am taking glutathione now and I took another round last year. It is an incredible anti-oxidant and key player in cellular energy production. N-actyl cysteine (NAC) is the precursor to glutathione and specifically targets the lungs. It also acts on the gut disrupting any biofilms. There is evidence that digestive symptoms occur in up to half of those infected with COVID-19. The article linked above proposes “that certain nutraceuticals may help provide relief to people infected with encapsulated RNA viruses such as influenza and coronavirus”. I love NAC because it is affordable and has multiple actions in the body and is generally safe.

Anti-viral Heroes: Mushrooms & Herbs

For my family I put together Dr. Stephan Buhner’s protocol of antiviral herbs. This includes the mushroom cordyceps and traditional chinese herbs like astragulus. My dad is on medications so couldn’t take this blend. Instead I gave him a mushroom to improve his immunity by supporting his gut. Beta-glucans are found in many foods as well. I sent one of my siblings activated curcumin because of other factors presenting for him. I still have some in stock and can offer it at a discount.

There are many herbs that support immunity and gut health. We’ll keep dosing as needed along with all the lifestyle factors that enhance health. This includes adequate sleep which has an incredibly potent effect on all health factors. I am connecting with my meditation community to continue that social connection around my practice. Without a regular schedule it can be easy to let these important habits wane. But now is the time to recommit. Each day when I wake up, I have a plan for how my son and I will stay active and connected to what we love. Music, strength training and stories that strengthen our hearts are part of our daily routine.

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