Are EMFs Dangerous?

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Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are about intensify on the small island where I live.  Residents of Salt Spring spoke up against the proposed 5G cell tower set to go up in our little town.  There are pockets on this island where cell phones don’t work.  Many people appreciate this.  In town service is fairly reliable.  In my clinic, where I run a busy online practice, I don’t even use the 5G that is available.  Its unnecessary.

Earlier this year, I was at a conference on chronic illness.  The risks of EMFs were presented by two doctors.  I looked around the large auditorium.  It was filled with healthcare practitioners.  Everyone one of us was plugged into to a computer and cell phone.  The collective denial around this is issue is a bit shocking.  Our dependence on technology without the will to keep it in check, is wildly concerning.

The Risks of EMFs

A paper published in 2018 proved that daily exposure to EMFs emitted by cellphones causes cancer in rats.  The brain, heart and microbiome are negatively affected.  Dr. Martin Prall is a professor of biochemistry at Washington State University.  The primary danger of EMFs, according his research, is damage to the mitochondria.  Mitochondria are our energy producers at the cellular level.  EMFs damage calcium channeling leading to excessive free radical production.  High levels of free radicals circulating causes damage to our DNA.  The cascade of systemic inflammation then drives chronic disease processes.

I test for mitochondrial function, inflammation, DNA damage and oxidative stress.  Other environmental exposures show up as well.  These include mold, heavy metals and glysophate, an increasing problem.  All of these factors are cumulative.  We need to limit exposure to.  Children are at greatest risk having been exposed early in development.  Another vulnerable group are seniors.  Here on Salt Spring, there are two senior’s homes near the proposed tower.

Why 5G is Concerning

5G is highest density form of information transfer now available.  Remember the early cell phones?  These 1G and 2G allowed voice and texting.  3G brought the internet and 4G made it faster.  It has happened quite quickly with very little safety monitoring.

Electromagnetic fields are erratic.  They spike and surge along power lines and into buildings which were built for standard 50/60-Hertz AC.  There are baby monitors that emit EMF radiation.  I know how babies respond to acupuncture.  It takes very little to have a profound effect.

Our bodies are electromagnetic. Cells communicate with one another using specific electrical frequencies.  Unchecked EMFs in our environment interfere with this communication.  Our body’s ability to function  optimally is inhibited.

Reduce EMF Exposure To Help With: 

1. Sleep Disturbance like insomnia can be exacerbated with exposure to EMFs because melatonin can be affected.  The evidence is mixed and more studies on HPA-D are needed.

2. Infertility is linked with exposure to cell phone radiation in men.  Human semen had higher levels of oxidation, as well as decreased sperm motility and viability.

3. Thyroid function is impaired by EMF exposure in animal studies.  Several human studies looked at frequency of mobile phone use, computer use and increased levels of TSH with lower levels of T3.  I have several articles on thyroid hormone here.

4. Neuropsychiatric disorders are common because the brain is more susceptible. EMFs cause inflammation, damage neurons and impair cognition in animal studies.  There are dozens of observational studies linking headaches, fatigue, irritability, lack of concentration and depressive mood to exposure.

5. Cancer was discussed earlier.  Here are a couple more studies that indicate the risks of brain cancer specifically.

How to Protect Yourself

Reduce your exposure to EMFs by distancing yourself from them.

Stay clear of high voltage wires.  Don’t keep phones in your pocket or near your body for long.

Turn wifi off at night you can off at night.

Insulate your home, use hard-wired connections & timers that turn it off automatically.

Ditch the ‘smart home’ idea.  The fewer devices in use the less exposure to your loved ones.

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