Limiting distraction was monumentally easier even just 5 years ago. Ten years ago some of us still didn’t have smart phones. Choosing to take breaks from the endless world of digital distraction used to take less effort.

So I’m pleasantly stunned this week to find I’m without a cell phone or wifi access for a couple weeks. It was not deliberate and, yet, given that I seek out wilder places, this is a welcome experiment.

What happens in the evening with my family when I don’t have texts coming in?  How does it feel after tucking my son in knowing I really have time to myself? The stars certainly look brighter and I pause longer to notice this.

If you haven’t given it a shot, I encourage you to try a digital detox. Aim for one day a week or even a few hours every day day. Why not both?   In this world of overload, our physiology is remarkable responsive and seems to sigh in relief.

Limiting digital distraction could end up being the most important thing you do this year for your health, relationships and pleasure overall.



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