6 Ways to Live Cleaner & Reduce Chemicals

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Reduce Your Chemical Exposure 

I hear the word genetics used to describe conditions that we can’t control.  It’s true that there’s is a lot we have no control of.  When it comes to genetics we actually have a lot more power than we think.  Diet and lifestyle choices are heavy players. In fact 90% of what gets expressed genetically is due to factors within our control.  Chemicals in our environment is a big consideration. 

6 Actions You Can Take Everyday

1. Each day our bodies are exposed to thousands of chemicals.  One of the biggest culprits is personal care products.  This industry is completely unregulated. Luckily we have groups like the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  Moisturizer, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and cleanser alike have hundreds of ingredients.  Most of these are chemicals that our detoxification system has to deal with.  It’s a huge burden and stress to our liver, lymph, lungs and skin.  Only choose products you trust with labels you can read.   If you aren’t sure use the Skin Deep Guide or the Healthy Living app to check a product.

2.  When it comes to food local and organic makes a huge difference.  Grow your own if you can.  Check the soil quality where your food is grown.  Since cost is a real factor use the EWG’s Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen.  These list can help you decide where its crucial to buy organic and where you can get away with conventional varieties.  These lists are updated each year so its worth having a look to see what this season holds.

3.  As my son enters school age the challenge of making lunches looms large.  Storing food safely is actually a big deal.  Plastic containers have hormone disrupting chemicals like BPA.  Even BPA free plastics have other chemicals that aren’t tested or safe for bodies.  Glass and stainless steel containers are the way to go.

4.  Water bottles are the same and the water that goes in them is also very important.  The EWG has a Water Filter Guide.  The Berkey is popular as are reverse osmosis systems like Radiant Life or carbon filters like Crystal Quest.  Make sure that whichever one you decide on removes chlorine, fluoride and lead along with other toxins.  Get your water tested regularly.  If you live in an urban area or a damp environment consider an air filter for your bedroom.  Open your window at night for fresh air if you live close to nature.

5. Household cleaning products are full of chemicals.  Use safer ones that have been tested by the EWG. They’ve tested thousands and have a free directory you can access to make sure you are using safe products in your home.

6.  Eat real food and drink two litres of water per day.  Manage stress, sweat often, play more and get enough sleep.  All of these play an important role in detoxification.  Help your body do its job and enjoy all the benefits.

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