What is Enough? A five element perspective.

Industrialization brought “more” hoping to increase quality of life. In some ways it succeeded but we now know that without limit “more” becomes pathological. The concept of enough provides an antidote.

The Chinese character Sheng translates as life or vitality and is a symbol of a tree. A tree needs enough soil and water. In human terms this means the right amount of food, rest and relaxation. This is the foundation that protects against exhaustion and illness.

The tree trunk represents growth, change and challenge giving purpose and vision to life.
The leaves on the tree absorb sunlight in a similar way that companionship warms and nourishes us.
The leaves also breathe in and let go when appropriate.
The branches provide shade and protection symbolizing time alone for reflection and stillness.
Producing seeds and flowers brings meaning and appreciation.

Knowing when to stand up for what is right and say, “enough is enough” is a healthy expression of the wood element. In the post-industrial world the need for this has become increasingly important. So has the ability to adapt and be flexible. These are ancient human strengths that are available to us all the time especially as we cultivate them.
Pursuing a path in line with our heart and the good of the whole makes it easier to recognize erosive influences and distractions that compromise vitality. This occurs on both the personal and collective level.
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the five elements as part of a diagnostic system to restore balance and allow you to thrive in today’s world.


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