TripleTurmeric Px


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Delivers standardized levels of curcuminoids and turmerones combined with the supporting constituents offered in a whole herb base.

  • Triple Turmeric Px uses both phospholipids and the full spectrum essential oil. A study performed by Charles River Lab, Wilmington, MA found no statistical difference in the absorption of curcuminoids when comparing Triple Turmeric Px to Meriva.
  • Lipophilic curcuminoids cross the blood brain barrier
  • Turmerones support healthy neurotransmitter function
  • Neural stem cell proliferation and neuroprotection
  • Curcuminoids support the body’s natural action of clearing beta-amyloid plaque.
  • Curcuminoids support normal acetylcholine levels.
  • Turmerone supports healthy normal levels of monoamines and neural stem cell proliferation.
  • Balances NF-kB to effectively mediate prostaglandin activity throughout the body.
  • Provides relief of minor pain due to occasional overuse, without side effects.


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