5-MTHF and B12


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  • Provides clinically effective dose of the most active and bioavailable form of folate, which bypasses a common bottleneck (MTHFR) in the conversion of folate to its active form
  • Each sublingual tablet also provides 50 mcg methylcobalamin, the primary circulating and biologically active form of vitamin B12
  • Sublingual tablets are suitable for vegetarians, and allow for easy dosing
  • In a base of active plant extracts, including many organic vegetables, and other bioactive plant compounds, including Theracurmin® curcumin

Feature Summary

5-MTHF &B12 provides the most biologically active forms of these two complementary B vitamins. (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate acid (MTHF) is the active form of folate at the cellular level, the form found in circulation and the only to cross the blood brain barrier, and it may be the optimal form for preventing neural tube defects.1 It does not need to be converted to an active form by the enzyme methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), known to have common single-nucleotide polymorphisms that impair enzymatic activity by as much as 70%.2 Furthermore, quatrefolic acid administration has been associated with higher peak (6S)-5-MTHF levels than both folic acid and calcium 5-MTHF, with higher plasma folate levels even in those with high functioning MTHFR polymorphisms.3,4

While (6S)-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate acid does not mask a B12 deficiency as folic acid supplementation alone may, these two vitamins have complementary roles in methylation pathways that warrant combined use. Methylcobalamin is the principle circulating form of B12, and is a direct cofactor for B12-dependent enzymes. It has direct biological activity, in contrast to cyanocobalamin which is synthetically derived. When combined with other B vitamins, B12 has been shown to reduce the risk of cerebrovascular disease, depression, macular degeneration, migraine disability and hyperhomocysteinemia, with effectiveness sometimes modulated by MTHFR status.5-9