Three-Storey Atrium

3-Storey Atrium
Announcing my new downtown space in the Parkside Building on Blanshard       between      Humbolt and Fairfield.  The clinic does have access to the pool for hydrotherapy.
You may be familiar with Tre Fantastico and the       beautiful three storey atrium.  My son watching the fish and following them outside where you can walk up to the clinic. On the Fairfield side of the building you’ll find Physio Plus where I’ll be offering health         assessments and acupuncture on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
People have been asking how to find me and if I will be available downtown.  Finally I can say yes! A update on my work is coming soon but for now I’ll can let you know that private practice has been a welcome change. I have been learning a tremendous amount from the people who I’ve been seeing at my Oak Bay clinic.  Orthopedics and  cupping have become part of my practice these past few months. In depth internal medicine beginning with gut health           continues to be a focus.  I have just begun assisting another                meditation class on somatic heart practices with over 260 students   worldwide.
Thank you to Dr. Conrad for all his knowledge and presence last semester while I was his TA in Orthopedics.
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