Breast Cancer Prevention 101

by Amber Wood | October 13, 2020 | Female Hormones

It’s breast cancer awareness month and one of the biggest successes of this initiative is early detection. Prevention results in higher cure rates. Breast cancer affects 2.4 million resulting in 500,000 deaths worldwide making it the most common malignancy affecting women. The number of survivors increases each year which is promising especially as new treatments emerge.

The Estrobolome

Lifestyle and diet gets less of a focus so I’m laying down some of the science on what really helps in terms of prevention. Gut diversity plays central role in estrogen metabolism. The estrobolome is the subset of bacteria that are genetically capable of metabolizing estrogens safely.

This is why antibiotic overuse is problematic. A disrupted microbiome leads to a higher incidence of breast cancer and an increased risk of fatality. Indiscriminate use of antibiotics reduces gut diversity and plasma levels of lignans fall which can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Food Is Evidence-based Medicine

Cruciferous vegetables reduce your chance of developing cancer because of two compounds. Glucosinolates and sulfurophanes work in different ways which I won’t get into specifically but there is an epigenetic component that is a key player in chemoprevention.

Studies show that cloves reduce mammary gland carcinomas by 58.5%. Other common herbs and spices block TNFa or NF kb. Included in this list of anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory foods are: curcumin, cinnamon, cacao, fenugreek, red chili, ginger, black pepper and cardamon. Pumpkin pie anyone? Chili hot chocolate? Mmmmm….yum!

Enough dietary fiber plays a significant role says this meta analysis. In fact, 10 grams per day decreased risk of breast cancer by 7%. Berries are especially important because of the flavonoids and other components including anthocyanins.

Chlorella is one item you can add to your kitchen to prevent breast cancer effectively. It suppresses tumour frequency by 61%!

Natural Detox

You body does a great job of detoxification all on it’s own. But if your gut isn’t working and your stress is too high or you don’t poo everyday then things go sideways. There are three phases of estrogen detoxification that work wonderfully in harmony. I do testing to see which phase needs support because sometimes we just can’t guess.

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